Various Software

28 April 2011

On this site, you will find :

Software for Psion Series 3a,3c, 3Mx, Siena

Of little more than historical interest for most people, but this marvellous machine was my "pocket brain" for nearly 5 years before I succumbed to techno-lust and splurged on the Series 5 (about 2 days after it came out!).

I wrote absolutely tons of software for the Series3a, mostly odd stuff which I doubt anyone else would ever want. However, there were a few odd programs which I thought might be useful to anyone who is still using the old trusty machine.

Software for Psion Series 5/5Mx

A wonderful machine, but programming for this was always a harder proposition than on the old 3a, since you had a pile of pen events to worry about, in addition to everything else. Still, it is possible to write really professional-looking software for this handheld. Or just write the kind of shoddy lash-ups which I tend to favour...

Disclaimer (please note)

All the software on these pages is FREE, and is provided with absolutely no warranty whatsoever. The software has worked for me in practice, but if it destroys your data/machine/life, then you have no recourse to me. I suggest that you ensure you have a COMPLETE backup of all your data before using any of these programs (it's a good idea in any event).