For Psion 5Mx, 7, Revo and others

ConvertData running on a Psion 5 MX

ConvertData running on a Psion Revo

A pen driven Psion 5mx program to facilitate the transfer of data from the Series 5 Data application to the new Series 5mx & Revo Contacts application. FREEWARE.

Download here: ConvertData031.Zip

Download source code here:


The Zip file includes the ConvertData program, HTML instructions (also included on this page) and the Psion-provided OPX  "CONTOPX.SIS", which enables OPL programs to access the Contacts database.

Install the CONTOPX.SIS file by unzipping it & double clicking on the file on your PC (PsiWin will then install the file). Alternatively, copy the file to the Psion and use the Add/Remove settings from the system control panel. Then copy the file ConvertData.opo to any directory in the Psion, and double-click (or press Enter) on the file to run.


This program was written to meet my own personal need to convert my 800+ contacts held in my Series 5 database into the new 5mx Contacts data format. Among other problems with the conversion of the data, one of the most significant was that the data held in the old database was "lumpy" - for example, a complete name (e.g. "John Smith") was stored as a single database field, when the new contacts application needs the two parts of the name broken into two data fields.

This program will allow you to move the data between fields and break the data fields up into the Contacts format, all by using the pen. In addition it supports import filters on the data application to enable the records to be converted with the minimum amount of effort. Finally, it allows two different types of record to be created, depending on whether the underlying database record was for a person or a company.

Summary of Features

  • Easy to use, pen-driven interface
  • (For Revo users) adapts to Revo's smaller screen automatically
  • Allows import filters on data records to get each line of the data record into the correct point for the contacts app
  • Program cleans up split data records and removes trailing spaces/formatting characters
  • Allows data fields to be broken up and moved between contact fields with a few taps of the pen
  • Small OPL executable which can thrown away when finished
  • Supports databases with between 4 and 12 fields
  • Supports two types of Contact entry - individual and company
  • Different individual and company import filters
  • Data fields with newlines will have the newlines preserved on any transfer to contact field (provided the contact field supports newlines)
  • It's absolutely FREE!


    Limitations/ requirements/ support/other points

  • It does not support the import of "unlimited length" fields.
  • Sorry. If I have the time I may implement the RMR database OPX which allows OPL programs to get at the non-OPL supported fields. It should still be useful enough without the notes feature (which is not terribly useful in Contacts as it does not permit font formatting in the notes field).

    One workaround for the problem (thanks to Michael Kenny) : in order to save (at least part) of "unlimited data" such as Notes and other stuff one might have inadvertantly have defined as unlimited, just export your old data as text. Create a new data file with the same number of labels and ensure the labels are of "text" type and set length where appropriate to the maximum 250. Import the text data from the old database. This way practically all information is available in contacts after conversion (though some fields may have been truncated).

  • Does not support all contact fields in any given entry
  • This is forced upon my by the limitations of the Psion screen - there is only room for so many fields! I could have the thing scroll, but that would be to turn this into a major project. Most of my data cards are either for a company or an individual anyway.

  • The data is saved directly to C:\system\data\contacts.cdb.
  • If you are using the D: drive for your contacts, you should switch over to the C: drive so that the conversion can be performed.

  • The data file should be c:\documents\data
  • I recommend using a backup of your normal data file in any event. The data file SHOULD NOT BE OPEN IN THE DATA APPLICATION, or the program will crash (this does not apply to the contacts file, as the file allows multiple accesses).

  • If you have the contacts app open while you perform the conversion, then the imported records are not visible immediately. Close contacts and restart to see them.
  • Labels ("D" and "I") are not visible on the Revo version.
  • Sorry. I can't make the screen any bigger, and this just had to be sacrificed in order to get all the info on the screen. It's not too hard to remember what the two rows of buttons do. :-)

  • The program may fall over with an error when the "Save&Next" button is pressed.
  • The Symbian EPOC Emulator version of Contacts does not include all of the standard fields which are in the 5mx version of Contacts. In the event that the program falls over with an error when you have pushed "Save&Next" then this is perhaps the problem. A copy of a blank pro-forma Contacts file is downloadable here - download, unzip and copy to c:\system\data  before trying again (please note that doing this will remove any data you have already saved in your own contacts file!).

    Licence and Disclaimer

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the Licence, or (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public Licence for more details (