For EPOC R3-5 Machines

A windows program to format a number of text files for import into a Psion 5 Database file.

Download here: FormatDB.Zip


Simply run the program PsionDB.Exe on your PC.


Format Psion Database, a PC program to support the Psion Series 5. A simple program for anyone who wants to import a number of text files for review on the Series 5. The program takes a list of text files, and formats the files into a single file which may be imported into Psion Data. I wrote the program to fulfil a particular need, and then found myself using it quite a lot. I have tidied it up and made it available in case this is useful to anyone else.

The files are formatted into two fields - a "header" field which contains the filename, and the "Memo" field which contains the text of the file.

A Psion data file is included which will take imports from this program.

Guide to Use

Select the files to be read. Select a directory and input a name for the output file. Alter the text mark character (this is the character which Psion Data uses in its import to decide that the field has ended). Any instance of this chosen character which is in this file will be filtered from original text - the "~" character is selected by default as an unlikely character to be used in text files. This may be changed to any other character you wish (though make sure you can type it from the Psion keyboard).

Press the "Process" button. File names will appear in the Results box. This may be reviewed upon completion.

Move the completed merge file to your Psion 5. Load up the Data file for import (the supplied file is designed for this purpose). Select File/More/Import Text File. Select the name of the file and the appropriate Text Qualifier in "Options" (this should be the same character as was chosen when using the PC program). The Psion should then import the files into the new database.

I have successfully used this program to import 200 text files, with lengths of 1 to 40k per file, and had no problem in using the Data app to review and read them at leisure. Data is a lovely app!

Limitations/ requirements/ support/other points

Disclaimer (please note)

All the software on these pages is FREE, and is provided with absolutely no warranty whatsoever. The software has worked for me in practice, but if it destroys your data/machine/life,then you have no recourse to me. I suggest that you ensure you have a COMPLETE backup of all your data before using any of these programs (it's a good idea in any event).